This blog isn’t about me. It’s about my camera. Or the picture taken.Images of living things or non-living things. Some of the images may or may not make sense to you but well, who can blame my camera? If a picture is worth taking,  it is worth for my camera. Words seem meaningless if the picture already paints thousand words. This may be the reason why I don’t elaborate much about my post. Or laziness to write perhaps? You may encounter crazy phrases or weird titles on my blog.

Who am I? I guess, it is safe to say that one of my surviving hobby is photography. Yes, I like photography.

You can visit my blog here.


One thought on “About

  1. Nice to see you photo’s Joliana And yes a Picture does indeed paint a thousand words… Thank you for taking time to comment upon my poem.. Wishing you more Happy clicks in your Camera. ~Sue Dreamwalker

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